so thankful that you’re here 😊My name is Erick, and I moved to the U.S. from Guatemala when I was a teenager. This is probably what has fueled my love and appreciation for culture, and travel. So, in 2016, I got my first camera, and began bringing it along on all my adventures, big or small. I quickly realized that what’s even more breathtaking than landscapes and scenery, is capturing people and the stories they tell. Whether friends, friends of friends, or family, I knew people were my niche.

I grew into the wedding industry, because simply put, I really just love love. At this point, I’ve captured dozens of love stories. I’ve nailed the process and the product, but what I’ll never get used to is the fresh and unique story every couple tells. I’d do just about anything to get the honor of capturing your most intimate moments:) So if you see a curly manbun cruising out of Lynchburg in an old blue Mazda, with Bad Bunny all the way up, it’s probably me, en route to meet and photograph a couple uniquely their own.

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